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Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals provides quality handicap van rentals throughout Colorado in the Denver, Littleton, and Colorado Springs areas. We want to ensure that your trip is both comfortable and safe with our accessible van rentals. Whether arriving into Denver International Airport, or driving for one of the major cities, Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals can supply the best for any and all wheelchair van rental needs you may have. We are devoted to providing you and your family with the finest in accessible travel.

Wheelers of Colorado – Denver International Airport
Aspen Medical
Local: 720-322-0101
Toll-Free: 1-877-944-9784

Wheelers of Colorado – Denver
Aspen Medical
Local: 720-322-0101
Toll-Free: 1-877-944-9784
250 E. Dry Creek Rd.
Littleton, CO 80722

Wander down the fourth most walkable downtown in the nation while in Denver, Colorado. From the U.S. Mint to the large pedestrian mall to the zoo, Denver is a great city to explore for all tourists. While you visit, make sure to get a quality Denver wheelchair van rental from Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals. Exploring the "old west" couldn't be easier when you have a fully accessible van rental. Contact Wheelers today to ensure a handicap accessible van rental for your Denver trip.

Colorado Accessible Van Rentals and Mobility Services
Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals of Colorado maintains a fleet of wheelchair accessible rental vans just for your use by the day, week or months at a time. Our rentals vans are lowered floor minivans with automatic fold-out ramps or in-floor ramp systems. Delivery and pickup from all the neighboring airports is also available or to any other place of convenience. Delivery fees may apply.

We offer competitive daily, weekly and monthly rates, as well as weekend specials. Get an Instant Quote and reserve your Colorado accessible van rentals today!

Click here to get an Instant Quote for your wheelchair accessible van rental at any of Wheelers locations Nationwide. Rent by the day, week or month. Call 800-456-1371 to get connected to Wheelers locations.

Our goal is to provide a level of quality assurance that, as a Wheelers customer, you can expect when you rent in the Wheelers rental system. Our Customer Satisfaction Program assures you that all Wheelers Accessible Van Rental locations will provide a level of quality service that has become expected by our 25 years of happy customers. The Customer Satisfaction Program gives you, a method to communicate to Wheelers headquarters whenever we fall below your expectations. If we stumble, help us get back on track by sending us a note to: A review of the situation will take place and if we’ve stumbled, we’ll get back on track by providing a credit, based on points, which can be used at any of the Wheelers locations nationwide.

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Wheelers wants to show our appreciation to you for renting a Wheelers Accessible Van. When you rent at any of the Wheelers locations you build up free rental days. Your 3 day rental in Los Angeles and your 5 day rental in Philadelphia gets you points that can be used for FREE rental days. We want you to come back and rent from us time and time again. We want you to know that we truly appreciate your loyalty and we want to show it!

Colorado wheelchair van rentals, accessible van rentals, handicap accessible van rentals, handicap van rentals, mobility van rentals, wheelers van rentals, in Denver, Littleton, Colorado Springs, and Denver International Airport.

1. Schedule your trip in advance. This is the best way to ensure you'll get an accessible van for the time you need. Go over your trip plans and estimate how long you need to rent the van. Do you want to rent the van for a week? A few days? For a month?

2. Go to and get an Instant Quote for the location of your choice. Wheelers will deliver the van to your house, to your business, or to the airport wherever you're arriving or where you need, or save money and pickup from the location closest to you. Use Wheelers Instant Quote webpage will provide you current rates and delivery fees, policies, how many free miles you get, and what are the additional mileage fees.

3. Click on Continue and you can pick additional options to rent power wheelchairs and scooters, as well as other mobility equipment. Finish your Reservations request by in-putting your information and you will immediately receive a confirmation of your request via email with a recap of your request. The renting location will follow up with you to verify all the information and confirm with you that your Wheelers Van is available and will be ready for you.

4. Then contact your insurance company and check to see if you have rental car coverage. It’s cheaper to just add this coverage during the time you’ll be renting your Wheelers Van. Even if you have this coverage you may want to add Wheelers Renter’s Collision Damage Waiver. On Wheelers website, just click on Rental Car Insurance and purchase the coverage for CDW.

5. A few days prior to your rental, you might want to call and check on your reservation with the Wheelers location, just to ensure that everything is set and all your questions have been answered. When your trip is dependent upon accessible transportation, you’ll need to trust you’re renting a quality vehicle, from a quality company, that’s why renting from Wheelers is your answer to your transportation challenges.

Colorado wheelchair van rentals, accessible van rentals, handicap accessible van rentals, handicap van rentals, mobility van rentals, wheelers van rentals, in Denver, Littleton, Colorado Springs, and Denver International Airport.

1. Wheelers has locations in most every state in the nation, so be sure to look thru our list of locations before assuming there won’t be anything available in the state you want to rent. Because this is a “niche” market, you are usually only going to find these kinds of vehicles where there is lots of population. So search in major cities, not in neighboring towns and small cities, keep your search in areas where the population is over 1 million.

2. If you still can’t find a Wheelers Accessible Van Rental location, then give us a call. We have been servicing the market for 25 years and if there is a company that rents wheelchair or scooter accessible full-size or mini-vans, Wheelers customer service agents will know. We are dedicated to helping you and will do all we can to find a solution to your transportation challenge.

Since 1989 Wheelers has been here providing wheelchair and scooter accessible vans for rent. Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals of Colorado was the start of what is today the nation’s largest wheelchair and scooter accessible van rental company in the country. Wheelers started with 2 vans with rear loading lifts. Recognizing that the vehicle had some disadvantages as a rental vehicle, Wheelers went to work to find a better way. Adding the lowered floor mini-van to its fleet, with power ramps and doors and multiple seating configurations, allowed Wheelers the ability to expand its fleet and provide accessible transportation to users with power wheelchair, scooters and other handicapped equipment. Wheelers then expanded into Colorado, California, Florida, and Hawaii. By 1990, Wheelers had locations in over 20 of the United States.

Wheelers provides special pricing for veterans, military personnel, insurance companies and other corporate entities.

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Today, Wheelers has locations in most every major city in the country and we’re still growing and innovating way to find solutions for your transportation challenges.

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Colorado Wheelchair Van Rentals – Denver, Littleton, Colorado Springs, Denver International Airport

Since 1989, Wheeler Accessible Van Rentals has been connecting those with handicap transportation challenges to the best available solutions. Our main objective is to continue to find new and innovative ways to make the world a more accessible place for everyone. Today, Wheelers currently serves eighty cities across thirty states, but are consistently growing in an attempt to meet our mission of having rental affiliates in every city in the United States. We believe by creating inventive products and services that continuously break travel barriers, Wheelers is and will continue to be the leader in accessible travel.

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