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North Carolina wheelchair van rentals

Top 4 Wheelchair Accessible Dining Options in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina is one of America’s most up and coming destinations and provides visitors with a large variety of things to do and sights to see. It also offers a fantastic quality of life for those looking for affordable living. Including Charlotte in your upcoming travel plans is most certainly a good decision.

Unfortunately, people with disabilities face a variety of unique challenges when traveling and visiting new places. Mobility issues can make things a little more difficult when exploring a wonderful place like Charlotte. Luckily, most dining options are usually wheelchair accessible. Who doesn’t love trying new food in an exciting new city? That’s why we have prepared a guide detailing the top 4 wheelchair accessible dining options to try out in Charlotte, North Carolina. Also, please keep in mind Wheelers for all of your North Carolina wheelchair van rentals necessities.

  1. The Landmark Diner

This tasty roadside diner has been featured on Food Network and features delicious classic diner fare. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the Landmark Diner surely has something to suit your palette. They even serve all day breakfast!

  1. NoDa Brewing Company

If you are having a craving for delicious microbrews, look no further than NoDa brewing company on N. Tryon St. The beer is extremely tasty, and there is a large wheelchair accessible patio to enjoy Charlotte’s weather on sunnier days. There are also food trucks that stop by cook up some great munchies to accompany your beers.

  1. JJ’s Red Hots

This Charlotte staple has been serving hot dogs and homemade sausages for years from there various locations around town. They have even been featured on the television show “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”. These are no ordinary hot dogs, with JJ’s attention to detail making every ingredient special. Treat yourself to an Oreo milkshake for dessert and there is no way you won’t leave a happy customer.

  1. Ri Ra Irish Pub

You simply can’t go wrong with an Irish Pub. Great food, craft beers, and friendly service are all staples at this North Carolina institution. It’s got a 19th century feel that will take you back to a simpler time, when beer and good company is all you needed to have a good time.

We sincerely hope that the list above helps you enjoy some of the great cuisine Charlotte has to offer! These locations are all wheelchair accessible and sure to provide you with some great memories. Additionally, if you are looking for Charlotte wheelchair van rentals, Wheelers would be more than happy to help. For more information, call us at 800-456-1371.




Santa Rosa wheelchair van rentals

Top 3 Activities to do in Santa Rosa

Imagine a city that provides the opportunity to sip on fine wine, find the largest collection of Charlie Brown and Peanuts related art work in the world, and go on an African themed safari. If this sounds like a place you might be interested in, look no further than Santa Rosa, California. Located in Sonoma, the heart of California wine country, Santa Rosa seemingly has it all. Great locally grown food, awesome wine, and lots of culture. We strongly suggest including Santa Rosa in your travel plans the next time you find yourself in sunny California. Also, don’t forget that Wheelers can easily take care of all of you Santa Rosa wheelchair van rentals needs during your stay. Without further adieu, please see below for the top 3 activities to do in Santa Rosa, California.

Dive into the Wine Culture

Wine here is not simply a beverage, it’s a way of life. Sonoma is known for producing some of the best tasting wine in the world. There is a plethora of beautiful wineries to tour throughout this stunning area of California. We suggest scheduling a tour and making a day out of it. One of our favorite places has to be St. Francis Winery and Vineyards, which provides visitors the opportunity to dine on delicious food with exquisite wine pairing for a very reasonable price.

Join the Peanuts Gang

Santa Rosa is home to the Charles M. Schulz Museum which contains lots of art, murals, and exhibits of the Charlie Brown creator’s work. If you are a fan of the Peanuts Gang and want to learn about the history of how it was created, you should definitely pay this museum a visit. You can easily spend hours getting lost in the memories and philosophy of the great Charles M. Schulz.

Go on a Safari

Safari West, located in the heart of Sonoma County, provides visitors with the opportunity to experience a real safari without making the trip to Africa. Giraffes, zebras, and lemurs are just some of the animals you will encounter during your journey. This is a great activity for families, bird lovers, and adventurers alike.

We hope this guide has provided you with some great ideas on how to fully enjoy a trip to Santa Rosa, California. As a reminder, Wheelers can make your Santa Rosa wheelchair van rentals process a piece of cake during your stay so you can focus on the important things, like sampling delicious wine.

For more information, call Wheelers Van Rentals at 800-456-1371.

Alabama Wheelchair Van Rentals

Life’s A Trip: 6 Unmatchable Services You’ll Get From Wheelers Wheelchair Van Rentals

Alabama Wheelchair Van Rentals

Here’s what makes Wheelers Wheelchair Accessible Van Rentals such a reliable company for customers across the country.

Remote Control Powered Ramps and Doors

We want to make your commute to and from your destination easy as pie. That’s why we’ve equipped all of our vans with these features. At no point in your travels will you have to perform any physical labor to get your ramp set up. All you have to do is press a button for the doors to open and the ramp to release, as it assembles itself for you to safely board the vehicle.

Scooter Accessibility

Our van rentals are adaptable. Whether you have a standard manual wheelchair, an electric powered wheelchair, or a scooter, our vans can accommodate you. Our mission is to make life easier for all of our customers, no matter the nature of their physical disability. That’s why we’ve designed our vans to be accessible to all kinds of wheelchairs.

Versatile Seating

All Wheelers vans have versatile seating that allow passengers to adjust the positioning of the seats quickly and easily. This feature is golden for wheelchair accessibility, as wheelchair users can move the seats to nearly any part of the van. This feature also allows you to create space in the van as needs, as it permits you to remove seats entirely as necessary.

Hand Controls

Anyone with a medical evaluation proving that they have a physical disability has clearance to use hand controls to operate their vehicles. If you prefer not to allow your disability to prevent you from controlling your vehicle, we can accommodate that desire. If you’d like to build your confidence operating a vehicle by using hand controls, you can contact your locate your local Department of Motor Vehicles center for lessons.

America’s Best Manufacturers

When you choose Wheelers, you choose the best. Our vans are provided to you by the likes of the BraunAbility Corporation, ElDorado National, Vantage Mobility International, and Amerivan. We aim for quality in everything we do, which is why our vans come from strictly the best.

Locations Throughout The U.S.

We currently have locations in as many as 21 different states from coast to coast. That also includes several of the Hawaiian islands. So matter what your reason for traveling is, whether it’s business or pleasure, from New York To LA and various locations in between, we’ve got the perfect van for you.

If you’d like to book a rental, go to our homepage where you can order an instant free quote by filling in your name, the dates you plan to rent and return your vehicle, and the location you plan to rent it from. If you have any questions or would like to speak directly to a representative, please dial 800-456-1371.

Alabama Wheelchair Van Rentals