How To Secure Your Wheelchair Occupant: Tie-down Instructions

Our vans have a tie-down restraint system that ensures the safety of the wheelchair or scooter and its occupant. Have a safe trip on a Wheelers van calling us on (800) 456-1371.

MV1 Operation

Wheelers now offers the incredible MV1 in it's rental fleet, at select locations. The MV1 meets the highest expectations for accessible travel needs.

How to Operate a Wheelers Van

This video is a step by step guide about how our vans work; and the safest and most convenient way to operate them, because our main goal is allowing you to travel wherever you want to, whenever you want, without a care in the world.
Wheelers Van Rentals offers handicapped accessible vehicles that provide you with comfort and safety throughout your trip. We have locations nationwide and you can ask for a quote or make a reservation calling on this number: (800) 456-1371.

We Get You Where You Want to Go

Vehicles that adapt to your needs and nationwide locations are staples at Wheelers, where our priority is to offer you the best customer service when it comes to accessible van rentals.

Accessible Van Rentals by Wheelers

At Wheelers, we provide vehicles for handicapped people who wish to travel with safety and comfort. We offer a high quality service at very accessible prices. Contact us today.

Freedom is Our Main Goal

Our mission is to provide those with mobility impairments with the freedom to travel anywhere in the most convenient way.