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miami wheelchair van rentals

How Easy Is It To Pick Up And Return A Wheelers Van?

Miami Wheelchair Van Rentals

What makes Wheelers’ nationwide wheelchair van rentals so special? For starters, we’re fast. Whereas other companies require all users to speak directly with a representative just to inquire about renting a van, we can get you all the info you need within a matter of clicks. No more sitting around waiting on hold just to get a quote for a service you’re not even sure you want to buy.

With Wheelers, all you have to do is fill out our Quote Request, which you can find on our homepage, and we’ll send you an instant quote for free! All you have to do is indicate what date and time you’d pick up and drop off the van, the location from which you’d like to pick it up (we’ve got vans in as many as 21 states, including several of the islands in Hawaii), followed by your personal contact info. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know exactly what it’s going to cost and be able to make an educated decision to rent from Wheelers.

When you rent one of our vans, picking it up and dropping it off is easy as pie. For some locations, you can pick the van up from the rental affiliate, while in others, all you have to do is just show up at the airport and your van will be there waiting for you.

We also pride ourselves on our transparency and accessibility. We want all of our customers to know that if they have any doubts, questions, or inquiries, that they can reach us and we’ll be happy to answer. To reach our headquarters, call us at 800-456-1371. Or, if you prefer to deal directly with our rental affiliate, you can refer to our Locations page for their contact info.

Also be sure to check out our Helpful Videos page to learn all about what makes our rental service and our vans the best in the business.

Miami Wheelchair Van Rentals

arizona wheelchair van rentals

A Word From One Of Our Many Happy Wheelers Customers

Arizona wheelchair van rentals

Wheelers didn’t become the leading wheelchair accessible van rental company in the country by chance. We got here, in large part, due to the degree to which we care about our customers. We wanted to illustrate this fact in this month’s newsletter by showing you the following testimonial by Keith, a recent customer from Arizona, who sent this to us after using our service.

Hi. I got an autoreply from your website about completing a reservation. I am writing a grant and was just working into the budget the cost of renting two of your accessible vans for guest speakers to a TEDx event I’m planning for October. These will pertain to the interdisciplinary nature of and work in Disability Studies. If my license is approved and the grant gets funded, I plan to rent two vans from your company. Several of the speakers have ambulatory challenges. Two use power chairs. I’m just writing to let you know. I was comparing the costs of picking up the vans at your Glendale location as opposed to having them delivered to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

This is a wonderful service whose time is long overdue–and provided at a reasonable cost. My wife’s personal experience with accessibility products has been such that she had come to believe most companies in this specialized market are out to gouge their customers for everything they can. Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals seems to be a happy exception to this rule. You guys were a nice find. Thanks for all that you do.

Thanks Keith! If you’d like to learn more about our Arizona wheelchair van rentals, give our headquarters a call at 800-456-1371.

Hawaii wheelchair van rentals

Aloha From Wheelers!

 Hawaii wheelchair van rentals

Everything You Need To Know About Wheelers Hawaii Van Rentals

Aloha! And welcome to Hawaii, home to flowery shirts, delicious luaus and in year round warm weather. As well as, some of the most scenic mountainous drives in the world. Hawaii is where we go to forget about the stresses of life and just sit back and enjoy the sun and sand. Mix yourself up a cocktail, eat some pineapple and relax for once! You deserve it!

In order to maximize the fun in your trip, there are a few small things to remember. First of all, as tiny as these islands may be relative to the United States mainland, they’re also very spread out to the point where transportation becomes a challenge. There’s really no other way to navigate the Hawaiian islands other than by car, which makes finding the right vehicle a must.

The good news is that you are in loaa a (luck). That’s because Wheelers Wheelchair Accessible Van Rentals offers service in Honolulu, Kauai, Kona and Maui. We’ve equipped all of our minivans with manual side loading ramps and rubber floors. Each van also comes with Q’Straint retractable tie down hooks and a seatbelt. And to top it all off, most of our vans have removable front seats, which means you’ll have the option of sitting up front in your own chair and getting a front row seat to the most gorgeous sunsets the world has to offer.

Are you planning a trip? Do you want to make the most of it by securing a van rental from a company that you know, from their almost 30 years of experience, for certain you can rely on? Wheelers has got the stuff you need.

If you’d like to speak to a representative at the Wheelers headquarters to learn more about our Hawaii wheelchair van rentals, you can reach us at 800-456-1371.

Hawaiian – E haka pono imua i kōkuaʻoe me kou kekahi kaʻao ka mea e pono ai. Translates to: We look forward to assisting you with your transportation needs.