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Traveling Precautions During the Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 has made a big impact on the world; not only has it affected the economy, but people’s personal lives and travel plans as well.  Many people are choosing to stay home during this time, but there are also many people who need to leave their home, whether it’s for work, appointments, or long road trips that they can’t cancel.  If you need to travel in your Portland disability accessible van, no matter what the reason, it’s important that you take necessary precautions because traveling during this epidemic may be different than before.  Here are some tips for your trip in a Portland disability accessible van.

Plan Your Route

During your next road trip, it’s important that you plan every detail of your route.  Even if you’ve taken this same trip before in your Portland wheelchair van, some roads may be temporarily closed during this time.  Be cautious of other necessary stops on your trip, such as gas stations, which are especially crucial in the long stretches of road between major cities.  You can call ahead to check which gas stations are open.

Sleeping Arrangements

Some hotels are shutting down because of the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s important that you make reservations ahead of time.  Not only do you need to make sure the hotels are open, but you need to confirm that they have wheelchair accessible rooms available as well.


A lot of states have stopped dine-in services at restaurants so be prepared to eat from drive-through or to-go services.  If you know that you’ll want to take a break from being inside your Portland disability accessible van, look for outside rest areas ahead of time.


There are a lot of germs at popular stopping areas on the road, so make sure to bring any sanitizing products that you’ll want to use.  It’s recommended to bring hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, disinfecting wet wipes, and tissues.

While you’re traveling in your Portland wheelchair van, make sure to be safe during this pandemic.  At Wheelers, we have wheelchair accessible vans in cities all over the United States, so contact us if you need a van for your next trip.

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How to Customize Your Wheelchair Accessible Van

The world is meant to be explored, but if you’re in a wheelchair, you may feel discouraged to travel.  Whether it’s across the country or to the store, being able to transport from place to place easily is crucial to living a normal life.  Due to this, we offer Houston wheelchair vans so that you can travel without the hassle.  If you’re considering purchasing a Houston wheelchair van, it’s important to find the van that fits all of your needs.  After you find the perfect Houston disability accessible van, there are ways to customize your van to fit your preference.  Here are some of the features you may want for your Houston disability accessible van.


When you’re choosing your Houston wheelchair van, make sure to pick a van with comfortable seating.  It’s absolutely necessary that you choose a Houston disability accessible van that has enough room for your wheelchair without being cramped.  If you’re planning on taking long road trips, being cramped in your Houston disability accessible van may make the ride uncomfortable.  In addition, some seats allow for 180 degrees of swivel room and easy-to-use switch controls.

Safety Features

Now that you chose the Houston wheelchair van that you’re comfortable in, it’s time to add safety features.  One of the great safety features that you can add to your Houston wheelchair van are steering wheel hand controls.  These hand controls allow you to drive your Houston disability accessible van by using a lever to operate the brake and the gas pedal.  Another great option is to upgrade your wheelchair tie-downs.  The standard tie-down function well, but they take some time to lock into place because of their four connection points.  The retractable tie downs secure the four connections faster and easier.

Accessibility Options

There are features in your Houston disability accessible van that you can upgrade to make your van easier to use.  For example, you will need a ramp to enter your Houston disability accessible van, so instead of a folding ramp, you can choose to install a sliding in-floor ramp.  You can also choose to have a remote control for your ramp so that you only have to press a button to enter your van.

At Wheelers, we can help you find the perfect Houston wheelchair van.  If you need a van for a short period of time, we also have rentals.

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Important Things to Know Before Renting a Wheelchair Accessible Van


For many people, traveling is a big part of their lives. Whether it’s heading out to a new city for work or exploring a great state like North Carolina with your family, there’s always something to be gained from traveling. If you are a limited mobility traveler, you don’t have to limit your traveling at all. All you need to do is reach out to a great company like Wheelers for Colorado Wheelchair Van Rentals. A wheelchair accessible van can make your life easier during the time you spend traveling and provide you with a smart way to get around at your destination. Below, we are going to walk you through some important things to know before renting a wheelchair accessible van.

  1. Booking in Advance is Smart

One of the smartest things you can do is to book your  Colorado Wheelchair Van Rentalsrentals as far in advance as possible. That way, you can guarantee your wheelchair accessible van will be available. Waiting until the last minute means you might not be able to get what you need for your trip, so reach out to Wheelers as soon as you know you are traveling and are in need of a wheelchair accessible van.

  1. Delivery is an Option

A big goal at Wheelers is to make things as easy as possible for our clients. We even deliver  Colorado Wheelchair Van Rentals so that you are able to pick it up as soon as you have reached your destination. This service can be very convenient. Make sure you reach out to Wheelers to have your wheelchair van rental waiting on you when you arrive at the airport or another destination.

  1. You Can Try Before You Buy

Sometimes, purchasing a wheelchair accessible van is the way to go. With Wheelers Van Rentals, you can actually try out your wheelchair accessible van before buying it. That way, you know you are comfortable with your purchase and that it will meet all of your needs. Contact Wheelers today if you are in the market for  Colorado Wheelchair Van Rentals and want to try one out.


Wheelchair accessible vans can change the way you travel for the better. There’s nothing like the convenience of having a vehicle waiting on you as soon as you arrive. Reach out to Wheelers today to check availability on our rentals or if you have any questions you’d like to get answered.