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Traveling Precautions During the Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 has made a big impact on the world; not only has it affected the economy, but people’s personal lives and travel plans as well.  Many people are choosing to stay home during this time, but there are also many people who need to leave their home, whether it’s for work, appointments, or long road trips that they can’t cancel.  If you need to travel in your Portland disability accessible van, no matter what the reason, it’s important that you take necessary precautions because traveling during this epidemic may be different than before.  Here are some tips for your trip in a Portland disability accessible van.

Plan Your Route

During your next road trip, it’s important that you plan every detail of your route.  Even if you’ve taken this same trip before in your Portland wheelchair van, some roads may be temporarily closed during this time.  Be cautious of other necessary stops on your trip, such as gas stations, which are especially crucial in the long stretches of road between major cities.  You can call ahead to check which gas stations are open.

Sleeping Arrangements

Some hotels are shutting down because of the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s important that you make reservations ahead of time.  Not only do you need to make sure the hotels are open, but you need to confirm that they have wheelchair accessible rooms available as well.


A lot of states have stopped dine-in services at restaurants so be prepared to eat from drive-through or to-go services.  If you know that you’ll want to take a break from being inside your Portland disability accessible van, look for outside rest areas ahead of time.


There are a lot of germs at popular stopping areas on the road, so make sure to bring any sanitizing products that you’ll want to use.  It’s recommended to bring hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, disinfecting wet wipes, and tissues.

While you’re traveling in your Portland wheelchair van, make sure to be safe during this pandemic.  At Wheelers, we have wheelchair accessible vans in cities all over the United States, so contact us if you need a van for your next trip.

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3 Ways to Make Your Life Easier While Traveling with Your Wheelchair

Traveling with a wheelchair doesn’t have to be a huge challenge. You should never let your wheelchair and limited mobility dictate your goals in life! With a little creativity, you can travel pretty much anywhere with your wheelchair. Just keep in mind that there will be certain places that require special planning and preparation. Regardless of wherever you are traveling, the journey will be a little bit different with your wheelchair. If you are seeking Iowa Wheelchair Van Rentals to help make your life easier during a trip to Iowa, contact Wheelers Van Rentals. Below, you will find 3 ways to make your life easier while traveling with your wheelchair.

  1. Patience Is Key

Whenever you travel somewhere with a wheelchair, you need to be patient with the people that are helping with special accommodations. There are plenty of chances for them to mess up, as they might not be accustomed to helping limited mobility travelers. Patience is key in those situations. Keep in mind that people are only trying to help. If you’ve ever traveled on an airplane with your wheelchair, you know how easy it is for airline workers to mess up helping you on or off the airplane. Be patient and prepared for unexpected problems when you are traveling with your wheelchair.

  1. Preparation Is Paramount

If you are planning a trip and are a limited mobility traveler, you have to spend a fair amount of time preparing. Consider all of the possibilities. For example, what if your wheelchair doesn’t fit through the doorway of your hotel room? What if the hotel isn’t as wheelchair friendly as you were led to believe? Having a backup plan for all situations can really help you during your travels. A great way to prepare for a trip to Iowa is to reach out to Wheelers Van Rentals for Iowa Wheelchair Van Rentals. That way, you will have a wheelchair friendly vehicle waiting on you when you land.

  1. Understand the Airport Experience

Going through security, getting to your gate, and boarding the plane are all tasks that can bring unexpected delays for travelers. If you add a wheelchair to the mix you might be in for even more delays and challenges. You can make your life a lot easier by reading through the TSA guidelines for limited mobility travelers and add a little more time to your travel plans so that you don’t get stressed out if there is a delay or issue during your airport experience.

We hope these tips can help make your life easier during your next trip. Remember, Iowa Wheelchair Van Rentals are only a phone call away thanks to Wheelers Van Rentals.

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Top Tips for Traveling with a Wheelchair

Traveling allows us to escape our everyday lives and experience new places. It provides us with immense personal growth and the opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime. For people that want to travel with their wheelchairs, sometimes it might be intimidating thinking about the special steps you will have to take in order to travel with ease.

Traveling with a wheelchair doesn’t necessarily have to be an issue. With a little creativity and motivation, you can travel pretty much anywhere with your wheelchair. Wheelers Van Rentals wants to make your life easier when traveling, so we’ve put together the following article detailing the top tips for traveling with a wheelchair. If you are looking for the easiest way to find Iowa Wheelchair Van Rentals, Wheelers Van Rentals is at your service!

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Transportation Options

Before traveling, it’s a great idea to take a look at public transportation services and learn what wheelchair accessible options exist. You can often check the websites for public transportation of the location you will be traveling to for tips and directions. On the other hand, if there aren’t great options for wheelchair accessible transportation options, think about other arrangements like renting a van or using taxis. If you are in Iowa and are interested in Iowa wheelchair van rentals, contact Wheelers Van Rentals today!

  1. Check Out Bathroom Adaptions

This an important tip for those looking to stay in a hotel while traveling. Grab rails don’t exist in every hotel bathroom. Make sure your accommodations will be suited for you and your wheelchair. You can even search for hotels with roll-in showers. Call ahead and make sure that your hotel bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.

  1. Double Check

When you are using hotel search engines, don’t believe everything you read. It’s a possibility that hotels don’t keep their profiles on each of the search engines up to date or accurate. It’s a better idea to double check everything, particularly wheelchair accessible details, by calling or emailing the hotel directly. If you are staying in Iowa and need access to Iowa wheelchair van rentals, give Wheelers Van Rentals a call today!

  1. Read Over the Air Carrier Access Act

The Air Carrier Access Act details specific laws that airlines must follow in order to accommodate people with limited mobility. If you are flying with your wheelchair, you can learn a lot by reading over this Act and preparing yourself for the journey via plane.