Rental Information  
Pick Up Information :
Location : Glendale, AZ - 6614 W. Sweetwater, Glendale, AZ 800-456-1371
Date & Time : Wed, Dec 31, 1970 @ 6:00 PM
Return Information :
Location : Glendale, AZ - 6614 W. Sweetwater, Glendale, AZ 800-456-1371
Date & Time : Wed, Dec 31, 1970 @ 6:00 PM
  Estimated Total  
Base Rate : 1 day (s)
$ 120.00
Options :
$ 0.00
Protections / Coverages :
$ 0.00
Estimated Total :
$ 120.00
Taxes & Surcharges :  
Sales Tax : (15.00%)
$ 18.00
Taxes & Surcharges Total :
$ 18.00
Estimated Total Cost :
$ 138.00
  • The rate above was calculated based on the information you provided and includes: sales tax, surcharges and possible delivery/pickup fee costs. However, some modifications may change this rate.
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At the time the reservation is made, all renters must present a major credit card (not a debit or check card) in his or her name. The credit card must have available funds to secure the total cost of the rental plus an additional minimum-security deposit of $500 per vehicle. The security deposit amount may be increased if deemed necessary by management. Cash deposits are not accepted. The security deposit may be applied towards additional charges at the end of the rental including but not limited to; additional rental days, mileage charges, hourly late fees, fuel charges, lost keys, collision deductibles and/or damages to the rented vehicle.


Renters and all additional drivers must be over 23 Years of age. All renters & authorized drivers are required to have a valid US, Mexico, Canadian or international driver's license. The renter and all authorized drivers must provide driver's license and proof of insurance.. Photocopies and scans of driver's licenses are required at the time of reservation confirmation.


Insurance Requirements

You are required to have full coverage insurance which is: Comprehensive, Collision and Liability coverage. You will need to check with your insurance carrier and insure that your coverage extends to the rental vehicle.

If you live in the U.S.

If the renter declines the coverage offered by Wheelers, the renter must complete the renter’s automobile insurance coverage section of the reservation. The renter's insurance policy must include full coverage (comprehensive and collision) & liability insurance to cover the rented vehicle and its occupants. Some personal automobile policies and coverage offered through credit cards may not cover the extra cost of an Accessible Van, be sure to call them and verify that your insurance provides full coverage to the rented vehicle and it’s modification.  The renter may be held personally responsible for all damages to the rented vehicle, its occupants and damages to 3rd parties if this coverage is not provided by the renter. Wheelers rental vehicles are covered by a liability insurance policy of which the terms of coverage are outlined under the terms and conditions of our rental agreement. This agreement is available to renter by clicking Wheelers Insurance Policies on reservation web site. 

  • No Insurance Needed

Select this option only if you have rental coverage (proof of coverage required)

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) with $500 Deductible

  • $500 Deductible

Renter's Liabiliy Waiver (RLW) with $1500 Deductible

  • SLI Insurance

Supplemental Liability insurance: You can choose this option if you don’t already have liability insurance.To get more information on this program please go to our Supplemental Liability Insurance Brochure.

  • Does my coverage insure all of the vehicle and its modifications?

If Yes: Great, you are good to rent a Wheelers accessible van.

If No: You will need to have your insurance company add this coverage to your policy, (you can have it removed after your rental period) or you can purchase coverage through Wheelers
.If you live outside of the U.S.

There is no insurance that provides coverage in your country and then also covers in the United States. You will need to purchase insurance through a company that provides full coverage in the United States.You can contact Wheelers corporate office and obtain information on these companies.Or, you can write us at: and we’ll answer your questions via email.

We are dedicated to providing you accessibility in the U.S.If you can’t find a carrier to provide you coverage, let us know and we’ll work hard at finding a way to get your required rental coverage.

100 Free Miles Per day, 2000 maximum allowed per month. Additional mileage fees within the state is .35 per mile over the allowable. 

If you travel more than 250 miles from the renting location will have a minimum rental period. This rental period may be longer than you need the van, but the minimal rental period would apply.  If you do not inform Wheelers that you are going more than 250 miles from the renting location, you may loose your deposit and that you may be charged additional fees .

3 days for taking the van more than 250 miles from the renting location
4 days for taking the van more than 300 miles from the renting location
5 days for taking the van more than 400 miles from the renting location
7 days for taking the van more than 500 miles from the renting location

Monthly real will receive a maximum of 2000 free miles for the 4 week (Monthly Rental) period.  Additional; mileage fee is .35 per mile over the allowable.

Telematics Notice:  Vehicle may be equipped with GPS or another telematics system. This system utilizes cellular telephone and/or radio signals to transmit data and communication and therefore, privacy cannot be guaranteed and is specifically disclaimed by Renter. In the Rental Agreement Renter will be asked to sign that they are aware of the device and what information it gathers for Company.

Traveling into Mexico or Canada is strictly prohibited. Traveling into these areas will forfeit any deposits of refunds of any kind.


Vehicles are delivered with a full tank of fuel and customer is required to return the van with a full topped-off tank. Any vehicle returned short of a full tank will result in a charge for the cost of filling and/or topping off the fuel tank and an additional labor charge.

If van is returned with less than a full tank of fuel will be fined a flat $99 fee for not returning the van with a full tank of fuel. Fuel must be filled within a 5 mile radius of the returning location.



Scottsdale:  $40 Each Way

Tempe:       $50 Each Way

Mesa:          $60 Each Way

Chandler:   $60 Each Way

Gilbert:        $75 Each Way

Tucson:       $125 Each Way  - 3 Day Minimum Rental

Yuma:          $200 Each Way – 3 Day Minimum Rental

Flagstaff:   $165 Each Way – 3 Day Minimum Rental

Prescott:     $125 Each Way – 3 Day Minimum Rental

Prescott Valley: $125 Each Way – 3 Day Minimum Rental

Lake Havasu: $250 Each Way – 4 Day Minimum Rental

Delivery fees are included in the rate, based on the location which you picked to rent from. If delivery and pickup is at a different location or area than what is specified in this quote, there may be additional delivery and pickup fees.





If you use a service animal, please inform us at the time of the reservation. Service animals are the ONLY animals allowed in our vehicle. Unauthorized pets will be subject to cleaning and damage charges.


You may cancel your reservation within 3 days of your rental with a $100 cancelation fee. Rentals canceled with less than 3 days notice will be charged 1 days rental plus an administrative fee. Cancelations with less than 3 days notice are not cancelable.  However, we will do everything we can to rent out your rental time to another customer, whereby then you would receive a refund for whatever days we were able to rent out.


A sum equal to your insurance deductible will be set aside for additional fees, should they occur. This amount is based on your representation about your insurance coverage or through investigation of your insurance benefits. When you sign the rental agreement, you are consenting to the reservation or setting aside of that amount.


Our insurance does not permit us to provide a Chauffeur/driver for you, but most rental locations have a list of independent drivers available in their rental area.


As the renter, your insurance is primary. You will need to provide proof of full-coverage insurance; ie, comprehensive, collision and liability coverage. You can also purchase additional coverage thru Wheelers LDW program or through Travel Guard, or Universal Travel.


Our vehicles are perfect for long trips, but our operating procedures do not usually support one way travel. However, you can contact your closest Wheelers location and obtain further details. 

Additional Drivers for Van Rentals

Up to 3 driver/renters per vehicle rented will be allowed at no charge. Additional drivers must meet all of the age and license requirements stated above. Management must approve requests for more than 3 additional drivers.


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Wheelers' vans are modified according to the recommendations and guidelines of The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA). Our knowledgeable staff is available to demonstrate use of the adaptive features that insure safe and comfortable transportation.

Our mini-vans include:

  • Power Ramp
  • Lowered floor
  • Securement system for wheelchairs or scooters - Q-Straint
  • Hand controls (upon request)
  • 6-way power transfer seats for drivers (upon request)
  • Remote Power doors
  • Plush Interiors
  • Front and Rear Air Conditioning
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Front passenger seat can be left in or taken out


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