The state of Colorado offers tons of activities to do year-round. Hiking is without a doubt one of the most popular outdoor activities and with good reason. Colorado is home to some of the most breathtaking landscape in the country. Hiking along the trails allows you to see waterfalls, wildlife, open meadows, and waterfalls. The only downside is choosing which spectacular view you want to see today. With extensive trails and ground with easy transport, wheelchair access is a breeze. Denver wheelchair van rentals are available all over the city to get you where you need to go. Here is a list of some of Colorado’s top wheelchair accessible trails:

#1 Austin Bluffs Trail

University of Colorado students will appreciate the Austin Bluffs Trail. Located in Colorado Springs, the trail runs through the campus and connects the north and east sides of the school. Once you reach the eastern tip, the nearby Palmer Park isn’t a place to pass by. You can access the park from the Templeton Gap Trail on the other side of N. Union Blvd. You’ll be greeted by spectacular views of the Seven Castles Rock formations, botanical gardens, and miles of scenic trails. The concrete ground makes this a very enjoyable 2.1 mile-long hike.

#2 Coyote Valley Trail

Coyote Valley Trail offers hikers of all abilities the chance to explore a variety of wildlife and beautiful views of the Kawuneeche Valley. This is one of two trails in Rocky Mountain National Mark that is wheelchair accessible. In less than one-tenth-of-a-mile, the trail crosses the Colorado River. In just a little more than 10 miles, you’ll reach Colorado’s headwaters in the Never Summer Mountains. Look for moose, wildflowers, and songbirds along this trail, especially in the early morning and evening. This 1.0-mile roundtrip hike is smooth with 15 feet elevation gain.

#3 San Juan National Forest

The Big Al Trail in the National Forest passes through beautiful pine, aspen, and oak trees. The easy gravel trail allows wheelchair users to see striking views of the La Plata Mountains. With a total elevation gain of 40 feet, this is an easy 0.6-mile trail. Visit this site to learn more about San Juan National Forest.

#4 Lake Estes Trail

In the town of Estes Park lies Lake Estes. Walk along the wide, paved path through a bird sanctuary and beside a golf course along the Big Thompson River. This trail is excellent for strolling, bird watching, and spotting wildlife. Zero feet of elevation gain and 3.75 miles make this more of a walk than a hike. Lake Estes Trail is a pleasant walk, nonetheless.

These hiking options are just a few of many others Colorado has to offer. Nothing is stopping you from breathing in the clean, fresh air from the mountains when you follow one of these trails. Contact us at WheelersDenver wheelchair van rentals services – to go where you want, when you want. Call us today at (800) 456-1371.

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