The Rental Process

1. Schedule your trip in advance. This is the best way to ensure you’ll get an accessible van for the time you need. Go over your trip plans and estimate how long you need to rent the van. Do you want to rent the van for a week? A few days? For a month?

2. Go to www.wheelersvanrentals.com and get an Instant Quote for the location of your choice. Wheelers will deliver the van to your house, to your business or to the airport wherever you’re arriving or where you need, or save money and pickup from the location closest to you. Use Wheelers Instant Quote webpage will provide you current rates and delivery fees, policies, how many free miles you get and what are the additional mileage fees.

3. Click on Continue and you can pick additional options to rent power wheelchairs and scooters, as well as other mobility equipment. Finish your Reservations request by in-putting your information and you will immediately receive a confirmation of your request via email with a recap of your request. The renting location will follow up with you to verify all the information and confirm with you that your Wheelers Van is available and will be ready for you.

4. Then contact your insurance company and check to see if you have rental car coverage. It’s cheaper to just add this coverage during the time you’ll be renting your Wheelers Van. Even if you have this coverage you may want to add Wheelers Renter’s Collision Damage Waiver. On Wheelers website, just click on Rental Car Insurance and purchase the coverage for CDW.

5. A few days prior to your rental, you might want to call and check on your reservation with the Wheelers location, just to ensure that everything is set and all your questions have been answered. When your trip is dependent upon accessible transportation, you’ll need to trust you’re renting a quality vehicle, from a quality company, that’s why renting from Wheelers is your answer to your transportation challenges.

– See more at: http://wheelersvanrentals.com/US/arizona-wheelchair-van-rentals/#sthash.mT7WrvWg.dpuf

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