Insurance & Waivers

Your Insurance Responsibilities

You are required to have full coverage insurance – this includes Collision, Comprehensive, & Liability insurance. In most cases, your personal car insurance will cover you; however, we encourage you to contact your insurance agent/company to verify.

States with specific Insurance requirements:
If renting in California:

Wheelers provides no liability protection under the terms of the Rental Agreement to the Renter for claims of injury by others against you resulting from an accident. Your personal/business insurance may cover your liability. Exceptions: Wheelers will provide primary liability protection up to the statutory minimum limits to international customers renting in California. Please also refer to Supplemental Liability Waiver (SLW) below.

If renting in Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, South Carolina, Virginia, or West Virginia:

Upon signing the Rental Agreement, Wheelers will provide primary liability protection; however, such protection is generally no more than the minimum limits required by the individual state law.

If renting in any other state in the U.S.:

Wheelers’ liability protection is secondary to any other insurance coverage available to you. Wheelers will be indemnified for all charges resulting from an accident if you do not have liability insurance or if the limits your liability insurance coverage are not sufficient to cover the claims by others against you.

Insurance FAQ

What if your insurance does not cover the rental?

You can ask the insurance company/agent to add the coverage at an additional cost. Often coverage can be added for the extent of your rental and then removed when complete.

What if the insurance company will not add the coverage?

You may purchase waivers from Wheelers that will reduce your exposure to damage to the van. Information about these waivers can be found in the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Supplemental Liability Waiver (SLW) tabs below. Please note these are “waivers” and not insurance. As such, they limit your liability but Wheelers still maintains the ability to leverage any other insurances you may have – homeowners insurance, travel insurance, credit card coverages – to compensate for damages.

Can I add waivers after the rental starts?

Under no circumstances can waivers be purchased after the rental has begun. Prior to rental, please contact your insurance agent/company to ensure you have proper coverage or if additional coverage/waivers need to be purchased.

Can I cancel the waivers after my rental has started?

No. However if a renter chose to purchase a waiver during the reservation process but then decides to pursue their own insurance prior to rental, the renter can provide proof of insurance and, upon confirmation of validity, Wheelers will refund the waiver fees allowing the insurance of the renter to take effect.

What if damage occurs during my rental?

If covered by own insurance: First, contact your insurance company ASAP and inform them of incident. Secondly, contact Wheelers as we have additional forms that will need to be submitted.

If covered by waiver: Immediately contact Wheelers with a description of the incident and as many pictures as possible. Should the incident fall under the terms of the waiver, Wheelers will inform you of next steps.

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