Traveling with a wheelchair doesn’t have to be a huge challenge. You should never let your wheelchair and limited mobility dictate your goals in life! With a little creativity, you can travel pretty much anywhere with your wheelchair. Just keep in mind that there will be certain places that require special planning and preparation. Regardless of wherever you are traveling, the journey will be a little bit different with your wheelchair. If you are seeking Iowa Wheelchair Van Rentals to help make your life easier during a trip to Iowa, contact Wheelers Van Rentals. Below, you will find 3 ways to make your life easier while traveling with your wheelchair.

#1 Patience is Key

Whenever you travel somewhere with a wheelchair, you need to be patient with the people that are helping with special accommodations. There are plenty of chances for them to mess up, as they might not be accustomed to helping limited mobility travelers. Patience is key in those situations. Keep in mind that people are only trying to help. If you’ve ever traveled on an airplane with your wheelchair, you know how easy it is for airline workers to mess up helping you on or off the airplane. Be patient and prepared for unexpected problems when you are traveling with your wheelchair.

#2 Preparation is Paramount

If you are planning a trip and are a limited mobility traveler, you have to spend a fair amount of time preparing. Consider all of the possibilities. For example, what if your wheelchair doesn’t fit through the doorway of your hotel room? What if the hotel isn’t as wheelchair friendly as you were led to believe? Having a backup plan for all situations can really help you during your travels. A great way to prepare for a trip to Iowa is to reach out to Wheelers Van Rentals for Iowa Wheelchair Van Rentals. That way, you will have a wheelchair friendly vehicle waiting on you when you land.

#3 Understand the Airport Experience

Going through security, getting to your gate, and boarding the plane are all tasks that can bring unexpected delays for travelers. If you add a wheelchair to the mix you might be in for even more delays and challenges. You can make your life a lot easier by reading through the TSA guidelines for limited mobility travelers and add a little more time to your travel plans so that you don’t get stressed out if there is a delay or issue during your airport experience.

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We hope these tips can help make your life easier during your next trip. Remember, Wheelchair Van Rentals are only a phone call away thanks to Wheelers Van Rentals.

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