San Antonio is one of the most famous destinations in Texas. Like most American cities, it is growing and developing. Its main industries are military, healthcare, and oil, but it also has its share of tourism. Whether you’re interested in touring or living and are using a wheelchair, here are some places you may like to see. Pick up your Wheelers Texas wheelchair van rentals at 118 E Turbo Dr TX 78216. You can book your van by clicking here by filling out the form at the top. Once you have your van, we recommend you visit the following locations.

Morgan’s Wonderland

Head on over to Morgan’s Wonderland, an amusement park that is specially designed for people with physical disabilities. Philanthropist Gordon Hartman founded it for his physically disabled daughter. There are interactive videos, mechanical horses, music composition games, and more. You can also design your own car and test-drive it! Aside from the games, there’s also remarkable natural scenery on the many acres of land that embody Morgan’s Wonderland.

The Riverwalk

The name is actually a translation from the original Spanish name Paseo del Rio. This is a park that remains open all year and has just about anything you could ask for. That includes delectable food from a variety of restaurants, bars and clubs for the social butterflies looking for a night on the town, and cozy hotels with top notch service and beds so comfortable you can almost see your worries wash away as you lay down in them. Not to mention that the hotels run alongside the San Antonio River. And speaking of which, you’re more than welcome to take a short boat ride down the river to see the lay of the land from another angle.

The Alamo

A visit to Texas would not be complete with a stop at the historic battleground, The Alamo. On this land was a battle that lasted nearly two weeks between Mexican invaders against Texan defenders. Roughly 200 defenders lost their lives in this battle. Today, Texas commemorates the people who died in battle on this land. You’ll find three memorial buildings. The first is the Shrine, the second is a museum, and the third a gift shop. Aside from the historic aspect of this land, it also has its natural beauty, particularly in the Alamo Gardens. These gardens are only a short distance from the Paseo del Rio. There are wheelchairs available for use by the public if you do not bring your own. The entire battleground is fully wheelchair accessible.

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Photo by Shelly Collins on Unsplash

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