“We’re excited about the service that Wheelers provides and its national reach. We can serve our customers here and we can also refer those customers when out of town to other high quality Wheelers affiliates that provide that same high quality level of service.”

Creative Mobility Vice President Tyler Duggans

Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals affiliates itself the highest caliber providers in the country. Creative Mobility, which is Wheelers’ Michigan wheelchair van rentals affiliate provider, is no exception. Creative Mobility gives nothing short of the most “timely, responsive, and friendly” service in Michigan. That’s why we took the time to speak directly with Creative Mobility’s Vice President, Mr. Tyler Duggans. Here’s what he had to say.

Why Should People Choose Creative Mobility?

“People choose Creative Mobility for its unbeatable customer service. We do whatever we can to put the customer first. Their convenience is our priority.”

What demographic utilizes your vans the most?

“There’s no real dominant demographic, but instead that in reality our customers vary quite a bit. Anyone who struggles from a physical disability who can benefit from their accessible van rental services is welcome.”

What do people typically use your vans for?

“Whether you need transportation to go to an appointment, are visiting from out of town, or are just interested in having a night on the town, Wheelers and Creative Mobility have what you need. For many customers, it’s not worth the investment to buy their own van since they would only use it on special occasions. But those occasions are important and Wheelers and Creative Mobility are happy to fill that void. If you’re a heavy traveler who is ripe with wanderlust, don’t let your disability get in the way. Call us and we’ll take good care of you.”

Why did you choose to affiliate with Wheelers?

“I did a lot of research in my search for the right affiliate and finally came to the conclusion that Wheelers was the best option. There were a number of attractive features.”

“Firstly, the user friendliness of the website put Wheelers ahead of its competitors. With Wheelers, users can receive an immediate quote for the dates and location of the rental and when they need the van. The competition, for the most part, only provides a phone number and requires additional steps when the customer is not even sure if he or she is interested in the service. But with Wheelers’ intuitive, easy-to-use website, you can circumvent those complications and get to the information you need right away. Alternatively, if you wish to speak to a representative, the phone number is right there and Wheelers has people taking calls around the clock.”

“The second feature that makes Wheelers unique, is that they has a national network. Customers always have the option of using Wheelers in other locations because you can find Wheelers vans in many different cities.”

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