The cornerstone of Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals is not just our pioneering service, but the team behind it. The people who embody our mission, values, and unwavering dedication to provide comfortable, convenient, and safe transportation for all. Today, we shine the spotlight on Heather Smith, a dedicated team member who has been with us for six memorable years.

Get to Know Heather

Heather Smith is a force to be reckoned with at Wheelers. Working from home, she marries her passion for assisting the handicap community with the joy of being a mother. “Being able to be a stay-at-home mom, see their faces every day, and help others has been very rewarding,” Heather shares.

Heather’s ultimate satisfaction comes from her role at Wheelers. “At the end of each evening,” Heather says, “the sense of gratitude I get from knowing there are families out there using our services” is what drives her every day.

When asked about her dream destination, she reveals an adventurous side: “I would travel to Egypt! Would like to be able to see the pyramids in person and know the culture.” When she’s not dreaming of distant lands or providing excellent service to our customers, Heather finds joy in her family – the people who never fail to make her smile.

Making Memories at Wheeler’s Accessible Van Rentals

Heather’s experiences at Wheelers are a testament to her dedication. She vividly recalls a heartwarming memory: “One of my most memorable moments was being able to assist with the Gift of Wheelers. We provided a Christmas Rental as a gift. The family was very deserving and it made my entire year.”

These instances of offering assistance to those who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to our services were incredibly fulfilling for Heather. “Being able to provide transportation to someone who normally wouldn’t have been able to rent for many reasons was very fulfilling,” she reflects.

Looking to the Future

Heather’s vision for the future aligns perfectly with the spirit of service that Wheelers promotes. “In five years, I still plan to be here with Wheelers. My goals are to do more community outreach and to make Wheelers more accessible for all.” Her goal is to grow Wheelers to the best of her ability and continue to positively impact the community.

In a humorous nod from her husband, if a biography were ever written about Heather, it would be titled “Always Right”. Given her dedication to Wheelers and her passion for helping the handicap community, we can’t help but agree that Heather indeed seems to have a knack for making the right decisions.

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