Houston, Texas, might not be the first destination you think of when planning a trip to Texas, but it certainly has plenty of reasons why it should be. The food scene is incredible, the people are friendly, and the city can cater to any budget. It’s got a thriving culture and a sense of community that is hard to find in most other places.

The recent issues with hurricane Harvey undoubtedly hit the city hard. However, the turmoil united the entire city and showed the world why Houston is such a fantastic place. If you are planning a trip to Houston and are interested in wheelchair accessible activities to partake in during your stay, take a look at our list of the top wheelchair accessible activities in Houston.

#1 Space Center Houston

“Houston, we have a problem.”

This infamous line is synonymous with NASA and the Space Exploration program of the United States. Houston is home to NASA’s mission control and Astronaut training program. You can visit the facility for a behind-the-scenes look at how astronauts prepare for their missions. The Space Center also house’s the world’s largest collection of moon rocks and lunar samples. A visit to Houston’s Space Center is a necessity!

#2 Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

Another great wheelchair accessible option for your visit to Houston is this wonderful 155-acre center that provides the option for a natural escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy Houston’s countryside and wildlife while learning about how to make a difference in conserving the environment. Additionally, you can roll over to the wheelchair accessible Alice Brown Loop during your time at this beautiful place.

#3 Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

If you are looking to take in some truly magical artwork from some of the world’s greatest artists like Matisse, Renoir, and Monet, head on over to the Museum of Fine Arts. It’s one of the largest museums in all of the United States, which means you can get lost in the amazing art collections for hours on end. You have no trouble with wheelchair accessibility, and the facility also allows for motorized wheelchairs.

#4 The Houston Museum of Natural Science

Knowledge is power. This Science museum provides ample opportunities to learn new things while having a good time. You can visit a planetarium, a butterfly center, and a hall of entomology while at the museum. It’s certainly a great wheelchair accessible option for those looking to take advantage of one of the US’s most visited museums.

Who Rents Wheelchair Accessible Vans in Houston?

We hope the list above has provided you with some great ideas about how to spend your time in the lovely city of Houston, Texas. All of the places mentioned above are wheelchair accessible and highly recommended ways to spend your time.

If you need help with Houston wheelchair van rentals for your stay, Wheelers Van Rentals is the solution! For more information, call us at 800-456-1371.

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