Wheelers has been one thing and one thing for almost 25 years.  The answer is: Wheelers is the answer to the disabled traveler’s need for accessible wheelchair and scooter accessible transportation.  In 1989, Wheelers was the first and only company in the country to offer this service and was the first company to expand into other states.  These past 25 years have been the most exceptional years for the disabled person. We had always been told that we were “a head of our time” when we started Wheelers. The Americans with Disabilities Act had not even been thought of at that point.

Our business at that time was a non-emergency ambulance company that provided wheelchair and stretcher transports for patients from one location to another.  It was one of our customers that had asked if they could rent our wheelchair transport van, without the driver, so they could drive their family member on their own. I thought, “now that’s a great idea.” So, the concept of Wheelers started because a customer had a need and voiced it.  Much like how the ADA regulations got written. People voiced their needs and it was heard by people that had the power and passion to make it happen.

Wheelers is still full of passion today. We listen to you, our customers.  We listen to what our customers would like to have or happen and what they need.  What works for them and what they’d like to see changed.  What locations you’d like to have Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals in and at what airport locations you request service. It’s not perfect yet, but we’re working on it. We started off with 2 vans in Glendale, Arizona in 1989 and today we have over 120 locations across the country and over 500 vehicles in our rental system.

We look forward to tomorrow and look forward with anticipation of what else Wheelers can do to breakdown travel barriers for our friends on wheels.

It’s our honor to be apart of such a great community.

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