When I got into my office this morning I had an email from our Wheelers Facebook account from Fr. John Triligilio, Jr.  There is nothing that starts my day off better than getting a note from a customer like this. My relationship with Wheelers is similar to being married.  In fact, my husband and I just had our 27th wedding anniversary and this November will be Wheelers 25th anniversary, so I guess it is very much like a marriage. You need to keep saying nice things to one another in order to keep the flame alive.  Well, the note that Fr. Trigilio, Jr. sent us, keeps our flame alive and burning bright.

Fr. John Trigilio, Jr. wrote:

“SPECTACULAR service and SUPERB equipment. Made my 600+ drive (roundtrip) from Harrisburg to Erie possible, so my elderly mother could make two very crucial doctor appointments. Van road smoothly and comfortably (except for the horrible patch of road on the PA Turnpike; the Commonwealth has NERVE charging a toll for a road that rides like the moon) I HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone with a disabled loved one. Wish we had this 30 years ago when my brother Michael was alive. He died in 1992 from Muscular Dystrophy at age 26. If we had access to a van like I did last week through Wheelers, we could have taken him to many places and activities. God bless.”

It can be difficult to do the same thing day in and day out and keep enthusiastic for what you’re doing. But thanks to Fr. Trigilio, Jr.,  he’s reminded me of just why we do this. Wheelers has helped thousands of people around the world obtain accessible transportation. We have helped get the loved one to that crucial doctor’s appointment or taken the beloved husband for an ice cream cone, not knowing it would be the last one he would ever have.

Wheelers is a wonderful company and we try very hard to please and provide a service that everyone of our customers will appreciate.  I know we have not always been 100% in that regard, but please know that it is not our intention to fall short of your expectations.  We will continue to try hard and even harder to meet your demands and expectations.

Wheelers is for you, our mobility impaired friends.  Our Slogan: “Go Where You Want, When You Want” is true of our goal and is what we are striving to do for you.

We’re good, and we’re getting better and better, every day.

Tammy Smith

Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals President

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