Behind every successful company is a team of passionate and committed individuals. At Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals, Heather Rankin shines as a beacon of dedication and enthusiasm. Celebrating her two-year journey with us, Heather epitomizes the spirit of providing access and freedom to those in wheelchairs.


Heather Rankin is more than just an employee; she’s part of the very fabric that makes Wheelers an extraordinary place. When asked what she enjoys most about working at Wheeler’s, she points to the fantastic team.

“I love working with Heather Smith,” she explains, referring to last month’s featured team member. “She and I are a really great team.”

She also reflects on our shred mission here at Wheeler’s.

“The fundamentals of the company and what we offer is such an amazing opportunity for people who are in a wheelchair.”

Heather finds great joy in her role at Wheelers, especially when customers express their gratitude. “I have felt the most fulfilled after completing a task at work when a customer will say how thankful they are for our service and how great their trip was,” Heather tells us.

Apart from being a standout employee, Heather is a doting mom. “An accomplishment outside of work that has impacted my life is becoming a Mom. Teaching him new things and seeing the excitement in his face when he succeeds is so amazing.”


Speaking of fulfilling experiences, Heather recalls a particularly heartwarming memory at Wheelers.

“Last year, we rented out a fleet of vans for a Make a Wish foundation,” she says. “Seeing the kids smile and enjoying their trip made possible by having a Wheelchair accessible rental was so heartwarming. Customers like that are always such a blessing and are the reason we do what we do.”


When asked about her future plans, Heather shares, “In 5 years, I see myself raising my kids. I hope to still be with Wheelers.” Given her passion for her work and family, we have no doubt she will continue to make a significant impact on both fronts.

Dreaming beyond the workspace, Heather’s wish is to travel to Germany to see her Oma and to fulfill her unusual yet charming bucket list item: “My life-long goal is to go to every Disney Park that’s in the world.”

Now, that’s a goal we can get behind!


If a biography were to be written about Heather, she says, “It would have something to do with Disney.” Given her magical touch at Wheelers and her love for the happiest places on earth, we can only imagine that the tale of Heather Rankin is one that is filled with triumphs, warm moments, and, of course, a sprinkle of fairy dust.

So the next time you benefit from the exceptional service at Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals, know that Heather Rankin is one of the extraordinary people making it all possible. Thank you for your dedication, Heather! We’re proud to put the spotlight on you this month!

Interested in renting a wheelchair accessible van for an upcoming trip? If so, check out the locations we serve and if you have questions, read our frequently asked questions!

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