Wheelers Wheelchair Accessible Van Rentals is the nation’s leading wheelchair accessible van rental provider. We provide vans from the nation’s best manufacturers to loyal clients from throughout the United States, as we have nationwide locations in 21 different states, including the Hawaiian islands. Here is what you can expect from our reliable, consistent, and affordable wheelchair accessible van rental services.

#1 We Provide Rentals by Day, Week & Month

No matter what your needs are, we’ll be happy and eager to accommodate you. All you have to do is go to our homepage, fill out your information right at the top, which will include your name, the dates you plan to pick up and drop off the van, and the location from where you plan to rent the van. With that information, with that information, we’ll be able to provide for you an instant free quote. For information on where to find one of our many pickup spots, you need only visit our Locations page, where you’ll find a list of every rental location in the country.

#2 Perfect for Vacations

Our vans are the perfect vehicle to use for getting away for a while. They have enough room for the whole family. That’s why we always like to encourage our customers to take some time off from life for a change and go on a road trip with your parents, brothers, sisters, and/or kids.

#3 You Can Use Our Vans For Business Trips Too!

If you’re in a business that requires lots of travel, there’s no reason why a physical disability should prevent you from doing your job. No matter where your company has you traveling to, our vans can get you there. For many of our locations, you can schedule to pick your van rental up directly from the airport. For other locations, we’ll deliver a van rental of your choosing directly to your door.

#4 We Accommodate for Sporting Events

Are you the kind of person who likes to live large? Are you a murderball player? How about wheelchair tennis? If you’re an athlete with a physical disability, there’s nothing that can stop you from doing what you love. We fully embrace this sentiment, which is why we pride ourselves on providing customers with the transportation they need to get to and from whichever sporting events they please.

#5 Our Vans Are Designed To Make Your Life Easier

Our vans have remote control powered ramps and doors. In addition to being wheelchair accessible, they are also accessible to scooters. They are equipped with hand controls, which makes driving easier. We also have versatile seating. No matter what, we always have options to fit your exact needs.

If you’d like to learn more about our wheelchair accessible van rental services, please give us a call at 800-456-1371.

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