If you’re thinking about visiting Los Angeles this holiday weekend, you might feel in a rush to get as much out of your trip as possible. But with only a few days to explore such a fascinating city, here at Wheelers we want to make sure you have the best experience every time you travel around the country. Henceforth, we want to share with you a must-do list to ensure your trip to LA will be a total success.

The city of Angels and the home to many of your favourite Hollywood stars is an almost magical place, whilst there’s a big chance you’ll bump into someone famous if you stay long enough in the same place, there’s a lot more to LA than that. And if you want to make long-lasting memories during this Labour day weekend, here’s a list of thing you most definitely have to do during your LA trip.

5 LA essential experiences

  1. Rodeo Drive
    If you’re a shopaholic traveller, this is for you. LA’s high street has windows featuring all the big fashion brands from Gucci to Cartier and everything in between. However, beware the cobblestone which make make things a tad uncomfortable if you’re in a wheelchair.
  2. In-N-Out Burger
    Los Angeles local burger chain, In-N-Out is famous worldwide even if it’s not available outside the US. If you’re in LA, it is a must that you drive thru and order from In-N-Out’s secret menu to enjoy an  “Animal Style” in your Wheelers van.
  3. Walt Disney Concert Hall
    The home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic is a 2,265-seat hall that display a stunning pipe organ amidst unparalleled acoustics and a very attractive offer of shows and events to attend to. Additionally, accessibility is not a problem as wheelchair setups and other aids for people with disabilities are easily available upon request.
  4. Santa Monica Pier
    Much like a county fair, the Santa Monica Pier is a great place for enjoying a sunset whilst eating cotton candy and playing silly games that can get you really  cool prizes if you win.
  5. Venice Beach Boardwalk
    Venice’s legendary boho vibe will wrap itself around you as you the view from the boardwalk and exchange looks and smiles with the local fortune tellers, street magicians, and sometimes, even talented and somewhat famous musicians playing live for no reason.

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