Traveling with a wheelchair doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having fun and exploring while you are on your trip. Sure, you will need to get creative and find locations that are wheelchair accessible, but if you keep a positive attitude and think ahead you are sure to have a great time. Arizona is one of the best destinations you can choose to explore thanks to amazing nature, friendly locals, and great weather.

3 Best Reasons to Choose Wheelers for Your Next Rental

If you are planning a trip to Arizona, you should consider booking your wheelchair van with Wheelers. We can set you up with a great wheelchair accessible van that will allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Keep reading on below to learn why Wheelers Van Rentals is perfect for your trip to Arizona.

#1 The Best Modified Vehicles on the Market

Wheelers van rentals offers the best modified vehicles on the market to our customers. That means you can rent a wheelchair accessible van that is perfect for your own unique needs. You can head to our website and browse through our Tucson van rental locations with the simple click of a mouse. You can even watch videos that detail how to operate the vehicles, how to handle tie-downs, and more.

#2 We Deliver

Another great reason to consider booking a wheelchair accessible van with Wheelers is because we deliver. We can deliver your Arizona van rentals to any place that is most convenient to you. There’s something so great about having your mode of transportation delivered directly to you. We can make sure that your wheelchair accessible van rental is delivered to you on time at a great price so that you can focus on enjoying your time spent in Arizona.

#3 Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service so that you can get the handicap accessible vehicle you need at the best possible price. Each one of our team members offers great insight into wheelchair vans for rent and can help to make sure that your transportation is taking care of during your trip to Arizona.

Wheelers has pick-up spots in Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, and Tucson, Arizona plus additional locations throughout the United States. Click here to see our van rental locations in Las Vegas.

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