Kids of Courage is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating smiles on the faces of children and young adults with serious medical diagnoses. A group of over 75 campers, known as “Couragers”, traveled to Orlando, Florida for a week of fun and adventure in the summer of 2022. The highlight of the trip included visiting Legoland.

Given the logistical challenges in transporting these brave, medically-challenged children, Kids of Courage relied on Wheelers to easily travel to and from their hotel. “It was an absolute breeze,” commented Eli Langer, program director at Kids of Courage. “Thank you for giving them a seamless travel experience!”

Legoland Wheelers Trip

Here’s What Kids of Courage Said About Their Recent Legoland Trip

After their trip to Legoland, Wheelers asked the Kids of Courage organization to provide a recap of their experience. Read the following interview to learn more about their memorable Legoland visit!

Q: How Long Had You Been Planning Your Trip?

A: We began planning this trip earlier in 2022. Having been to Orlando in the past and having questions about the complicated travel, the team felt comfortable and at ease knowing that the children we serve were in the hands of caring transport professionals.

Q: What Made You Choose Legoland?

A: Legoland is a MUST-visit for kids (and adults) of all ages. Attractions range from thrilling rides to jaw-dropping shows at Legoland, so the children were excited to cross this off their bucket list. We should add we’ve been to Legoland many times—both in Florida and California—and we can’t get enough! The staff at Legoland TRULY cares!

Q: How Was Your Experience Renting A Wheelchair-Accessible Van From Wheelers?

A: Given Kids of Courage’s travel across the United States, it’s not always an easy task finding wheelchair-accessible vans at a fair price from a great team. With Wheelers, those challenges went out the window knowing that the team was there for us 24/7 before and during our trip. We consider Wheelers to be part of the Kids of Courage family!

Q: What Was Your Favorite Part Of Legoland?

A: Legoland has a little-known but awesome secret. Did you know you can bring Lego characters to the park and exchange the pieces with the staff? Kids of Courage purchased hundreds of Lego characters prior to our arrival and the children had so much fun trading! One Courager even scored a Lego character in a wheelchair, which was absolutely amazing!

Q: Do You Have Any Tips For Those Considering A Visit To Legoland?

A: There is so much to do in Legoland, so we highly recommend mapping out the day prior so you can conquer the park in thrilling fashion! Knowing when the showtimes are ahead of time gives you insight into when to be where.

Q: Would You Recommend Wheelers To Others Looking To Travel?

A: Kids of Courage would highly recommend Wheelers to anyone looking for adaptive travel. It’s an absolute no-brainer.

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Let Us Help You With Your Dream Vacation

Seeing that the Kids of Courage had such an amazing, fun, and fulfilling trip to Legoland fills everyone at Wheelers with joy! We are proud to partner with such amazing clients and are honored to get to play even a small part in all of the amazing adventures the Couragers have. We want to thank everyone at Kids of Courage for trusting us to provide them with travel amenities during their stay!

We are always looking to help out groups who need travel accommodations. If you or your group is planning an adventure similar to the one above, we would love to make your dream vacation come to life! Reserve your accessible van rental today, or contact us to see how we may be able to help!

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