Santa Rosa is in the north of California in the state’s wine country. If you’re planning on visiting or passing through in one of our Santa Rosa wheelchair van rentals, you may want to look in on what kinds of activities you can do there. We’ve got some good news for you. Santa Rosa just so happens to have plenty of really cool places to check out. And if you’re taking the time to actually get out of town for a change, you deserve to have the best guide possible. Here’s our guide for what to do when passing through Santa Rosa, California.

#1 Charles M. Schultz Museum

Charles M. Schultz was a famous cartoonist. He was the inventor of the timeless classic comic strip called Peanuts, which featured the characters of Charlie Brown and Snoopy. In the museum, you’ll find a gigantic mural commemorating Schultz’s art. And as a show of respect for his incredible contribution to culture and children’s entertainment, they built the mural entirely out of peanuts!

#2 Safari West:

Well, if time and money’s tight, and you’re not sure you’re quite ready to make the trek all the way out to Africa, you can always just check out the 400-acre wildlife preserve. Within the boundaries of this park, you’ll feel as though you’ve somehow teleported to Kenya. You can take a guided tour and check out giraffes, rhinos, leopards, and other exotic animals living in a natural yet controlled habitat. And if you wait a few weeks, you can check out their Halloween special!

#3 Quarryhill Botanical Garden:

Keep the outdoor vibes going and hop over from desert to the jungle. Here you’ll be able to observe upwards of 20,000 different kinds of plants. The garden stretches across 25 acres of land and all of it is picturesque. One thing to be aware of is that in order to enter the wheelchair accessible section of the park you have to call in advance. In order to enter, you’ll board an electric lift.

#4 Green Music Center:

Finish off your vacation in true epic fashion with the Santa Rosa symphony, which you can see at the Green Music Center located in the Sonoma State University in Santa Rosa. You can also check out some world class acts of varying genres. Coming this Sunday is Buena Vista Social Club. The venue also houses jazz, folk, and many other genres of musical performers.

Where Can I Rent a Wheelchair Accessible Van?

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