As we approach the final stretch of summer, it’s time to start thinking about what to do with those last few weeks of escape. Vacation time is quickly expiring and pretty soon you’re going to have to head back to work. But let’s not think about that. Instead, let’s figure out what your last summer destination will be. Well, if you’ve squared away the details on getting one of our world-renowned Arizona wheelchair van rentals, but you’re still unsure as to where you want to go, you should absolutely move Scottsdale, a suburb of Phoenix, to the top of your list and this is why.

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Tourism Is Booming In Scottsdale

As it turns out, tourism is actually the biggest industry the city has, which means it knows how to treat its guests. Hospitality is Scottsdale’s claim to fame. In fact, the tourism industry makes up some 40% of the cities jobs. So if you’ve already had your outdoor adventure this summer and are now looking to just kick back and live like a king or queen for a couple of weeks, this would be the perfect destination.

Spa Heaven

Once you’re all settled in and looking to relinquish the anxiety of your travels, set up an appointment at one of dozens of Scottsdale spas. You’ll have plenty to choose from. In fact, Scottsdale actually has the highest number of spas per capita in the nation. So take a minute to examine your options. It’s time to relax. Because you deserve it.

Wonderful Weather All Year Round

While it’s already quite warm all across the country, Scottsdale maintains a comfortable warm temperature throughout the year. So when you leave Scottsdale in September and you can’t wait to get back, you’ll have that same warm and cozy spring weather waiting for you in December.

Some Of The Nicest Hotels And Restaurants In The State

Because tourism does so well in Scottsdale, naturally there are plenty of hotels to choose from. As it turns out, Scottsdale has the fourth-highest number of AAA Five-Diamond hotels in the country, tied with Atlanta. So if you happen to have a pretty penny to spend on some real, genuine luxury, Scottsdale has your name on it. And while you’re there, pick yourself up a tasty meal. The city builds a new upscale restaurant every couple of months, each more delicious and hospitable than the last.

Wheeler’s Van Rentals is a wheelchair van rental company that operates all throughout the country. No matter what city of what state you happen to find yourself in, you’ll have no trouble finding one of our vans. If you are looking for transportation and think you are ready to relax in Scottsdale, give us a call to pick up one of our Scottsdale wheelchair van rentals.

Looking to rent a wheelchair accessible van from Wheelers Van Rentals? If so, click here to view our locations or here to get a quote online. If you have additional questions, please contact our team directly. We look forward to serving you!

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